Some stories are too difficult to pen straight. Tangled by Blood, a memoir-in-verse, is one of those stories. It follows the journey of a daughter, Rebecca, suffering betrayal by her mother. As she matures, memories of Rebecca’s adopted sister’s fierce protection surface. Only after giving birth, Rebecca begins to untangle childhood deceit and wounds, re-storying what it means to be a mother.

Unlike other memoirs, Tangled by Blood is not a tale of redemption, but one of hard-earned love and high stakes. Through a shifting POV, Tangled by Blood offers social commentary on abuse, sexual trauma, addiction, and suicide. The poems and prose in Tangled by Blood reflect, among many things, fractured intimacy. This fracturing influences every subsequent relationship—carrying scars and wounds throughout one’s life.

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when there are nine from Moon Tide Press, is a poetic tribute to the life and work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Award-winning poet Patricia Smith pens the forward and contributors of when there are nine include Faylita Hicks, Brian Turner, and Chelsea Dingman, among others. With RBG as the focal point, the chapbook underscores the human condition and creates connections across borders and boundaries. when there are nine is edited by Rebecca Evans, Shaneen Harris, and Ashley Kunsa.

when there are nine is now available through Moon Tide Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Ask your local book store or library to carry a few copies.

Abrazos & Letters from the Self to the World, Dovetales features Evans’ essay, “Bella.” “Bella” spans Evans’ family history, sharing her great-grandmother’s (Bella), tragic journey during the influenza pandemic in which her husband perished. Evans weaves her experience as a single mother navigating the 2020-current pandemic. Book Description: This 591 paged book features poetry, essays, fiction and art selected work from DoveTales over the years, as well as thoughtful and profound current work from 2021. The anthology is dedicated to advisor Sam Hamill (1943-2018), and titled Abrazos in memory of the way he used to s off on his emails.

Poetic Bond X features Evans’ poems, “How to Cover a Bruise,” “I am rare and unlovable,” and “Trash-Binning.” “How to Cover a Bruise” received a commendation as the Poetic Bond X Poets’ Choice Awards. Book Description: This is the final chapter in The Poetic Bond series. This volume, containing 83 poems from 43 poets, brings to a close a ten year journey through the contemporary zeitgeist of modern poetry as garnered from new media, professional and social networking. Since 2011, 690 poems from 237 poets of 37 countries have been published.

Your World, Our Place Book Description: Eight short stories from around the world includes “Veiled” by Rebecca Evans – Two women, centuries apart, dance a dance of seven veils to save the world. These eight featured writers are the winners of The Cunningham Short Story Competition, 2018. Out of the eight stories one was chosen to receive an a monetary prize and for 2018, this was Rebecca Evans, for her story “Veiled.” The anthology is edited by Trevor Maynard.

Take a Mind Trip features Evans’ essay, “Rules,” which informs and engages, through the lens of a young girl, keen on holding true to house rules. To break these rules involves risks at a cost she’s not willing to pay. Book Description: The stories in this anthology will show you exactly what a mind trip is—and how easy it is to take one. All you have to do is read the first word, and you’re off. Bon voyage!

Hope for Recovery features Evans’ essay, “Unempty.” Book Description: The book’s diverse essays emphasize each writer’s journey to recovery, providing hope for individuals suffering with an eating disorder and their loved ones. In addition to these highly personal, vulnerable essays, the book includes informative sections with insights from mental health professionals on topics such as how families can help loved ones affected by eating disorders and males with eating disorders.

A portion of the proceeds of Hope for Recovery: Stories of Healing From Eating Disorders will be donated to local and national eating disorder organizations. Hope for Recovery also features a podcast, Navigating Recovery. Evans is featured in an interview here: Navigating Recovery Interview with Rebecca Evans.

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