Musings & Movement

Every First Thursday at 10 am PST / 11 am MST / 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST

A free monthly mind and body connection to help inspire and care for the writer.

We all work around limits.

Fitness is not just in the body. It is in the mind. In the heart.

Whatever your challenge, Musings & Movements may offer tools that open peace and help you continue to grow your writing practice.

All writing concerns the body on some level. Breath. Visceral response. Areas within our physical being that feel stuck, stretched, neglected. Our bodies hold story. Our bodies speak to us and often physical symptoms are worth creative and inner exploration. During this free monthly connection, we will weave literary inspiration, prompts, and craft chatter with flexibility, strength, and empowerment tools, helping you arrive at your best.

Plan on 30 minutes.

Plan to take away a new tool each month that you can easily apply to your schedule. 

Disclaimer: As with any fitness program, please use common sense when joining us. To avoid injury, check with your doctor before beginning this or any fitness program. Musings & Movement will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of participating in these workshops, courses, series, or classes, including recordings, videos, or information shared. This includes emails, videos, and text.

Downloadable Workshop Notes

November 2022 – Belly-Work

Oh! Our bellies. We forget the essence of our center as writers. Here, we hold intuition, fear, worry, nervousness. Here, we hold ourselves together—literally. Our core supports our spine. Our core muscular structure also supports our breath. Utilizing our core can help us relax, relieve stress, and make more centered judgments. For November, we took time and focused on our bellies.

October 2022 – Writer Hands

One of the greatest (and often overlooked) writerly tools are our hands. Rarely do we take the time to caress and care for this valuable resource. Usually, we notice our hands when they squawk in discomfort – dryness, cracked skin, blisters, injury. For October, take time to care for your hands.

You can download the handout, which includes hand movements, mudras, and more, along with writing prompts associated with your hands.

September 2022 – Sound & Silence

We often listen to the sounds around us. As writers, we note senses – what we see, what we touch, what we hear, what we feel (physically and emotionally). Often, what we don’t sense is as important. What is left out of our writing states as much as what is included.