Readings & Conversations


Gayle Brandeis’ new collection, Drawing Breath: Essays on Writing, the Body, and Grief, is now available for pre-order through Overcup Press.

On the Shelves

when there are nine, a poetic tribute to the life and achievements of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now available through Moon Tide Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Ask your local book store or library to carry a few copies.

Reading & Conversations

Rebecca Evans reads from her forthcoming memoir in verse, Tangled by Blood (Moon Tide Press, March 2023), on Thursday, December 15th with The Poetry Foundation’s Celebrating the Poets of Forms and Features. The event is streamed from 6 – 7 pm MST. Pre-registration is required.

Poetry in the City of Trees

If you live near the Treasure Valley, come join an evening of Love Letter Tributes at Ming Studio’s 7 o’clock Hour, featuring Poetry in the City of Trees. Rebecca Evans, Maggie Koger, Angie Barber, Eileen Oldag, Thelma Stubbs, JoAnn Koozer Mara Hargroder, and Cheryl Richardson will join forces and share poetry themed in letters of love. Sunday, February 12th at 7 pm MST.


If you’re attending AWP March 8-11 in Seattle, WA, we hope you’ll attend an important conversation that Rebecca Evans helped organize:

Event Title: Disrupting the Veteran Writer Stereotype: More than Males, More than Wars on Thursday, March 9, 2023 from 3:20 p.m.–4:35 p.m. The panel will be in room 327, Summit Building, Seattle Convention Center, Level 3

Panelists include artists, poets, essayists, and literary editors: Rebecca Evans, Abby Murray, Jan LaPerle, Jacqlyn Cope, and Mariette Kalinowski.

You can also visit Moon Tide Press’ Booth for Rebecca’s book signing on Friday, March 10th at 10 am and, following, contributing poets from the anthology, when there are nine, at 11 am.