If you missed…

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Second Sunday Readings with host, Sian Killingworth and Poets, Matthew Thorburn and Sarah Ali

Link to Second Sunday Readings Podcast version

Ming Studios My ____ on Mondays Podcast: Episode 75: My Way of Becoming Whole by Rebecca Evans

Ming Studios My ____ on Mondays Podcast: Episode 76: My Poetry in Motion by Rebecca Evans with Performer and Collaborator, Kelli Brown

Jewish Literary Journal Podcast: with Editor-in-Chief, Aaron Berkowitz

Featured Poet at Yetzirah, a Hearth for Jewish Poetry.

Interview between co-hosts Ken Rodgers and Rebecca Evans on Writer to Writer Radio Show.

The Poetry Foundation’s Celebration of Poets from Forms & Features. Rebecca’s reading begins around five minutes in and she is reading: “Self Portrait of a Poet with Warning Labels” and “Yellow Declaration.” Please enjoy all the poets in this incredible reading series.

The Jewish Literary Journal Podcast with Shaneen Harris, Ashley Kunsa, and Rebecca Evans

The PWN’s Debut Review with Carla Schick and Harrison Solow, Season 4, Episode 7.

Rebecca Evans in Navigating Recovery Podcast.

Dante’s Old South Radio Show, Episode #19.