The Untangling Workshop Series

A Fusion of Empowerment & Craft

What must you untangle to become whole?

A One-Hour In-Person & Virtual Event hosted by The Meridian District Library

Wedsnesdays: March 29th, April 26th, May 31st, & June 28th

5:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm MST / 7:30 pm CST / 8:30 pm EST

Trauma writing (poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction)—whether personal, cultural, or collective—can be more than catharsis. It can offer craft and writing skills, create awareness and conversation. Writers at all levels can develop writing skills to approach narrative that sometimes feels too overwhelming, personal, or shameful to pen.

In the workshop, Rebecca shares empowerment activities surrounding self-care for the writer, along with craft moves and ideas specific to the difficult narrative.

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More Untangling Workshops

An Hour & a Half Program hosted by The Spring Recovery of Idaho Program

Thursdays: May 4th, June 1st, & June 15th 6 pm PST / 7 pm MST / 8 pm CST / 9 pm EST

Virtual Only

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