What Others Think

The following is inspired from a writing exercise from a David Whyte workshop. My Writing Muse, Ron in Indiana, added a twist to the exercise with the ending to the prompt. Enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what others think because they do not hold the desires of my heart in their minds. They only hold their old blueprints, judgments, opinions and value systems.

It doesn’t matter what others think because their ideas are based solely on their exposure. They have not endured my journey through my eyes, so they cannot truly understand the place I am emerging from.

It doesn’t matter what others think because they can only respond to life out of their own history, from their limited experiences. Though compassionate, not one of us can truly step into anothers’ footprint.

It doesn’t matter what others think because I must hold true to what I believe first. If I operate out of the need to please others or avoid conflict, I will lose sight of my path and surely let go of my purpose.

It doesn’t matter what others thhink because man’s thoughts are often not in alignment with God’s thoughts. We are frail humans, broken, undiscerning and off course. I must keep my focus on doing that which honors God. I must call into my movie only the situations and people who guide and help me do this.

Yet, in a sense, how others think can matter, but how they behave when they walk along side you matters even more.

Published by Rebecca Evans

Bio: Rebecca Evans' poems and essays have appeared in The Rumpus, Entropy Literary Magazine, War, Literature & the Arts, The Limberlost Review, Tiferet Journal, and The Normal School, to name a few. Her work has been included in several anthologies. She’s also served on the editorial staff of The Sierra Nevada Review. With an MFA in creative nonfiction and another in poetry from Sierra Nevada University, she's completed her full-length poetry collection, Tangled by Blood, and is editing her essay collection, Body Language and memoir, Navigation. Evans served eight years in the United States Air Force and is a decorated Gulf War veteran. She’s hosted and co-produced Our Voice and Idaho Living television shows, advocating personal stories, and now co-hosts a radio show, Writer to Writer. She currently mentors teens in the juvenile system and lives in Idaho with her three sons, Newfoundland, Chiweenie, and Calico Cat.

One thought on “What Others Think

  1. Howie Garrett I think that the truth we create for ourselves is often shaped by the agreements we make with the “truth” offered up by others, whether good or bad. I also think that the only way to gain a real truth and understanding of ourselves, is through the practice of deep introspective thought and meditation and the willingness and desire to cast off the things about us we have agreed to, that no longer serve us, or that hold us back from developing into a healthy, whole person. I think that some people find it difficult to examine themselves deeply and critically, but think that all who are willing to attempt it, can gain insight into their own personal truth. I agree that truth is subjective to each of us, and that each of us must find their own truth, but that it can come about with determined effort, and a willingness to be honest with ourselves…really honest. It is a continuing process, that evolves as time goes on, as we evolve and grow. As far as truth to others, for me it depends on the level of trust shared with another, and my trust in the others ability to accept me as I am. However, I always attempt to be truthful in word, deed, and action. I am talking about deeper levels of trust, the acceptance of my innermost self. Honestly, that is much harder for me, but I am working on it…


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