How Remodeling My Kitchen Helped Me Revise My Full-Length Poetry Collection

This type of restructuring transferred to my writing in, well, structure, especially helpful with poetry. Poetry is both a visual and a literary art. The shape and structure and form inform the work as much as word choice and language.

Me. No More.

Me. Me. December 2008. Me. One month prior to downloading my youngest. Me. One year prior to fleeing my home, three sons in tow, one duffel stuffed with medical supplies and a handful of diapers. Me. Looking un-terrified, flexing, posing. Me. Living in duplicity. This image is not about body-beauty or suface-pretty. This was anContinue reading “Me. No More.”

28 Pages of Revision…

Twenty-eight pages. A solid revision day. One goal for this narrative is that each chapter feels complete, carrying the weight of story on its own. Best writing today:  “I didn’t know I had so much blood inside me. Feeling dizzy, I lowered myself onto the glass, lying on my back as if I were usedContinue reading “28 Pages of Revision…”

An Effort to be Unbroken

CWI place winner in President’s Writing Award Every breath, an effort to be unbroken. I’ve been a pilgrim, treading along a humbled path. Without the page, my life would have gone unspoken. Every bruise, offered a lesson, a valuable token. Each wrong turn, an alignment from a Higher Wrath. Every breath, an effort to beContinue reading “An Effort to be Unbroken”